Seven Pillared Hall


The heart of Thunderspire’s upper level is the Seven Pillared Hall. Dozens of lanterns hand from the walls and the thick pillars of this great chamber. The chamber walls have been fashioned into building facades, so the Hall appears more like a city square than an underground cavern. Merchants conduct business in the Hall, at the behest and with the permission of the Mages of Saruun.


Places of Note

  1. Road of Lanterns
  2. The Customhouse
  3. The Deepgem Company
  4. Bersk the Wainwright
  5. Temple of Hidden Light
  6. Residences
  7. House Azaer
  8. The Pigeonholes
  9. Deep Stair
  10. The Halfmoon Inn
  11. Waterfall
  12. Bridges
  13. Chute
  14. Minotaur Statue
  15. Grelg’s Curios and Relics
  16. Dreskin the Provisioner
  17. Rothar’s Taproom
  18. Road of Shadows
  19. Grimmerzhul Trading Post
  20. The Dragon Door
  21. The Tower of Saruun
  22. Shining Road

Seven Pillared Hall

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