Female Drow Rogue


Jovial, fun-loving, dark-haired, violet-eyed, female drow with skin the color of toasted caramel seeks mercenary group for fighting, good times, loots. Experience includes killing one million kobolds!


Fey’rel was born to a House in the Underdark whom she has never named. It is of no matter – she is dead to them.
Fey’rel was born light-colored for a drow, and the matron of her house decided to see if her skin would darken with age, or if she would make a proper sacrifice at a later date. She was a happy child, much to the matron’s chagrin, smiling often, and skipping about. This was only tolerated for so long. Eventually her gregarious nature won her unwanted attention – from those who found her coloring an affront to all those who named themselves Drow. Struggling to hide her cheerful and boastful nature, as well as her “pale” complexion, Fey’rel did her best to darken her own skin – with soot, paint, dark shadows, anything she could find… It never lasted. Sooner or later someone would call her “slave elf” or “half-breed.” She learned to fight those who mocked her, making her a formidable warrior for one so young of age. However, the matron decided not waste money on this – her hideous offspring – and plans were made for sacrifice, instead of a trip to train as a warrior at the academy.
Fey’rel was lucky – she had an admirer among the merchants, who was just leaving to go trading. For a fee and her “undying gratitude,” he took her with him to the surface. Once she reached the surface, however, Fey’rel took all of her carefully hoarded money and ran – she knew her mother would find and kill the merchant eventually – regrettable – but he was foolish for helping her. Best if he had no idea where she went when her mother found and tortured him.
She won a few bar brawls and arena fights here and there, as she wandered from place to place, which supplemented her dwindling hoard of money. Eventually, she caught the eye of a mercenary band who recruited at such events. She signed their charter over drinks one day, and since has bounced from mercenary band to mercenary band. After all, it wouldn’t do to stay in one place too long when one was promised to Lolth


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