The Gods

Good Aligned

Bahamut: The Platinum Dragon, protector of the weak.
Corellon: Head of the elven pantheon.
Moradin: The Creator, Father of Dwarves.
Pelor: The Shining One, god of the sun and summer.


Avandra: Godddess of luck, trade, and travel.
Erathis: Goddess of civilization.
Ioun: Goddess of knowldge, prophesy, and skill.
Kord: Storm God, Lord of Thunder.
Melora: Goddess of nature, freedom, and the sea.
The Raven Queen: Goddess of Death, Fate, and Winter.

Evil Aligned

Asmodeus: Archdevil, Lord of The Nine Hells.
Lolth: The Demon Queen of Spiders.
Orcus: Demon Prince, Lord of Undead.
Tiamat: Mother of Chromatic Dragons.
Torog: The King That Crawls.

The Gods

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