Rod of Ruin


The skull on the Rod of Ruin leaks black tendrils of shadow and is icy cold to the touch. Faint whispers and moaning can be heard from the skull.

Weapon: +1 Morningstar (1d10)
Critical: +1d6 necrotic
Property: Any ability that uses necrotic energy does +2 damage.
Property: You can speak and understand the Abyssal language and
read Barazhad script.

Ray of Enfeeblement: Standard Action (Encounter, Necrotic)
Make a ranged attack versus Fortitude against a target within 5. All damage done with this attack is necrotic and the target is weakened (save ends).

Dark Burden: Free Action (Daily, Necrotic)
Use this power when you hit with with this weapon. Deal ongoing 5 necrotic damage (save ends).


This artifact was wielded by Kalarel, scion of Orcus. Although Kalarel himself was consumed by some dark entity within the rift, his skull tipped magic rod remained. When Kevin, the priest of The Raven Queen first touched it, he was blinded and sent reeling to the floor. Maiya, on the other hand was able to pick it up without any deleterious effects, and is the rod’s current owner.

Rod of Ruin

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