The Vehement Chord


+2 Magic Longbow

The thrum of arrows being loosed became of the beat of some wild and terrible song. With each note the angels of Sehanine wove a chorus of untamed wrath, felling entire legions of the dead.

Enhancement Bonus: +2 to attack and damage rolls
Critical: +2d6 damage
Property: All attacks made with this weapon are Primal and do radiant damage.

Wrath of The Wild: (Standard Action, Daily, Primal)
The next arrow was fired straight into the ground and where it hit were torn huge rends in the earth. From these cracks poured hordes of winged serpents seemingly made from pure light, who set upon our foes with their fangs and carried our allies out of danger.

Attack: Burst 5 within 10; All enemies in burst; Dexterity versus Reflex.
Hit: 3d10 + [Dexterity] or [Wisdom] modifier radiant damage.
Miss: Half damage
Effect: Allies in the burst may make one saving throw against any ongoing effect a saving throw can end and then shift 2.


Miracoran is a relic from a time before Sehanine took her vow of peace, when she was the wrath of the wild. It is believed this weapon was once wielded by an aspect of the deity herself, an angel of the moon goddess, and then cast aside after the dawn war when Sehanine disbanded her warriors and took her place among the Seldarine.


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