Apprentice Mage of Saruun


Paldemar was a bastard born from an unknown nobleman and tavern wench who worked the taproom at the Halfmoon Inn. Neither were around to raise Paldemar. His mother was murdered outside the Inn before her son’s first birthday and Paldemar’s father…well whoever his father is, probably doesn’t even know Paldemar exists.

So he was raised in an orphanage. His penchant for mischief meant he would eventually be expelled at an early age, however. Fortunately for Paledemar, this was about the same time that a group of townsfolk were forming a new commune. The people of The Ashen Covenant took in Paldemar when he was 12 years old. He learned to farm and tend fields, and work the land. The high level of independence he was granted in the commune agreed with Paldemar. He was grateful and worked hard for his new brothers and sisters.

The commune was also the place he learned to hate the Mages of Saruun. He learned from the leaders of the Covenant how the Mages had subjugated the commoners of the vale, and exploited their labor for no other reason than to feed their own appetite for power. He learned that magic, specifically the kind of magic taught in wizardly colleges, has been designed to elevate a new ruling class in the world. This new class would not tolerate upstarts and hedge magicians. The Mages seek to claim lordship over magic itself, and like a greedy trade guild, regulate it and profit from anyone who has need of it.

Paldemar was well liked by his fellows among the Covenant, but he never grew close to anyone. That is he never grew close to anyone until he met Maiya Suuka, a young girl not much older than he was. He never told her how he felt, but every day he would try and find a way to be near her, whether it was helping with her chores or even trading eggs for bread with her parents. Any chance he saw he took it.

One day Maiya was gone. His brothers in the Covenant said she had violated some very important rules, rules that if they are not heeded cause great pain and suffering. They told Paldemar that she had been banished and that her family would now feel great shame. He learned from another member of the Covenant, Kalarel, that Maiya had dabbled in necromancy and other dark magicks, and to pray for her, but most of all to forget her.

He never did.


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