Mercenary Captain of The Bloodreavers (deceased)


Lo-Kag was a famous warrior from the Ogrefist Hills, a Goliath whose talents for ending life and making war made him a natural leader on the battlefield. Using his ties to the barbarian tribes of his homeland he raised a force of 100 men and set out for fortune and fame in the Nentir Vale, styling his company The Bloodreavers.

Lo-Kag was a very effective captain. His philosophy was simple. Seek profit and power. Defy the authority of the weak or corrupt. Only the strong should lead. The weak must follow. Wild things flourish or die in the vale based on their own merit.

His tenure as captain included taking a “wife”, another mercenary under his command, named Mira. They had at least one child, a son, named Joachim.

Lo-Kag was killed in battle by a former soldier from his company, The Kriv.


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