Scion of Orcus (deceased)


A one-time cult leader from the south, Kalarel improved his lot somewhere along the line. He found a way to summon the powers of the blood lord Orcus, Demon Prince of Undead. Perhaps he was never going to be content leading the foolish into an early grave and into his army of rotting corpses. Perhaps he was called by Orcus to serve a lower purpose. Who knows.

When he was discovered next, his powers had grown manyfold. His attempt to unseal the rift to the Shadowfell was nearly complete. The citizens of Winterhaven would surely have been the first meal for a much larger undead army had Kalarel completed his ritual, those that were not captured or killed by the kobolds that is.

But alas, it was not to be. Our heroes ended his ritual and his life one day. A former cult member, of all people, barged into his temple beneath the ruined Keep on The Shadowfell, and blasted him into the waiting arms of death. Literally. Kalarel was shoved into the very rift he was working to unseal and into the clutches of some unnamed horror on the other side. His life was devoured. Where his spirit ended up, who can say?


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