Bairwin Wildarson

Owner and proprietor of Bairwin's Grand Shoppe


Bairwin Wildarson traveled the world, or so he claims, before setting up shop in Winterhaven ten years ago.

You met our kobolds, I see. No, no, not ours, really. They are filthy creatures, though! They have made it a habit to harass travelers on the old King’s Road. And, yes, what was once a minor annoyance has become a very real threat to the commerce of the village. Fewer and fewer travelers come our way these days, and even I have a harder and harder time keeping my shop stocked with the finest goods. I remember a trip I made to distant Clovermarsh, many years ago. The place was literally crawling with kobolds because the people of the area refused to drive them away. I wonder how long before the kobolds grow brave enough to strike the village itself?

Bairwin Wildarson

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