Points of Light


Day 4
After hearing the threats of the goblin boss the party got no rest during their night in spent in the torture chamber. What their time resting here did reveal was a hidden stairwell past the furthest jail cell down to the second level of the dungeon.

A tomb lined with sarcophagi was located at the bottom of the stairs. A side passage led into a maze of crypts filled with rotting zombies. Not only that but magic runes had been inscribed into the floor at key junctions of the crypts that when triggered rang the dinner bell for the undead. After putting the restless dead to their final rest, a secret room was discovered in the back of the crypts, an embalming room. Inside the embalming room several personal artifacts belonging to a high-born lady are discovered, including a small sword, named Last Hope. Also, another secret passage leads from this room to another set of stairs down to the dungeon’s third level.

The party returns to the tomb with the sarcophagi, triggers a trap where upon skeletons spring forth from the sarcophagi. After defeating the skeletons, the party discovers a chamber at the end of the tomb with a shrine to Bahamut, several small dragon statues, and a prayer that when recited before the shrine will disable the skeleton trap.

The most intriguing feature of this chamber, however, is the dragon door on the eastern wall. Symbols carved into the door indicate this to be the tomb of an important noble, possibly the lord of the keep, which according to historical account may have been one Sir Keegan. The party spins the dragon mechanism on the door and enters the burial chamber of the dead knight.


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