Points of Light

Never rat on your friends

Or, why pipe weed was ruining my life

Many loose ends, many things unresolved about the Keep at this point, many indeed.

First, there is Balun’s dad, Jack Barrelman. No problem he’s dead now. There were words spoken by Sister Linora. A couple guys earned some coppers digging the grave. Balun didn’t seem too broken up about it. Oh! There are a bunch of other new graves in the cemetery as well. Or, rather, there should be. Instead, several mass memorials are the only indication that 21 people who used to live in Winterhaven don’t live there any more. They didn’t move house. They probably died. People assume they’re dead. But technically, they’re just missing. It’s been many weeks since they were last seen. Geez, people should just get on with their lives, really.

Here are the actual names listed on the Winterhaven memorial For Those Who Are Missed.

The Rod of Ruin is a thing. A very real thing.

Looking at that note found on Irontooth, it seems Kalarel had a spy in Winterhaven that was feeding him information on newcomers. Wonder who that could be? I’m sure it’s fine.

There was a ruckus outside Coalstriker’s Smithy. Can I describe the ruckus? Yes. Yes, I can. I will. You see, Coalstriker was mad. Real mad. He’s pretty sure the halfing Bairwin, who runs a “fine goods shop” in town, stole a precious piece – the most important piece – of his scrapped iron man construct. You see, he purchased the remains for 2k gold from the adventurers and now it’s basically worthless because the arcane power source that made the whole thing go is gone. What evidence does this guy have on Bairwin? Good question. None, really. But he’s pretty sure the little guy is behind it.

After doing some poking around it seems that:

  1. The old guy farmer Elias, who as drinking that night (as usual) at Wrafton’s, saw a really short guy, or maybe a kid, anyway didn’t see his face on account of his cloak, went running away with something heavy in his arms, out of Coalstriker’s hay barn, toward to the gates.
  2. Bairwin has a secret door in his cellar that leads to a passage running under the walls and out of the town.
  3. The guards on duty at the front gate that night fell asleep, or something, after smoking some really strong pipe weed given to them by Bairwin as a gift, for helping to lift the kobold seige, etc…Anyway, when they came to the postern door was open. They didn’t want to tell anyone, since they would be in trouble for dereliction and such, but adventurers have a way of getting at this sort of information. And, these ones did.

After recounting the evidence discovered with Lord Padraig, Bairwin is arrested and it’s looking grim for the halfling, until Maiya comes forth with his alibi. It seems the two were both at Bairwins that night drinking and smoking into the small hours. The words of two pipe smokers is not great. But, Maiya is one of the heroes of Winterhaven, so Lord Padraig promises to weigh the evidence over night. Meanwhile, Bairwin is locked up in one of the servant’s quarters instead of the dungeon.

Meanwhile, Kevin decides to question the suspicious wood elf that hangs around Wrafton’s. It’s clear she wants nothing to do with the priest, or Lord Padraig, or anyone really. She’s one of “those” elves. But Kevin will not be denied. He follows her back to her apartment and barges his way in with promises of a job. Unfortunately, it seems the elf may be the spy mentioned in Irontooth’s note. She murders Kevin and drags his body out of town in a sack, through Bairwin’s secret tunnel.

But wait. Teh Raven Queen is not done with her priest just yet. His life is spared with delicious healing magics. When he comes to he hears the elf making some sort of deal between kobolds and hobgoblins.

Balun tells the rest of the party about what he saw and heard outside the elf’s apartment. As soon as they realize what us happening they make for the tunnel in hopes the cleric is not dead. They’re right, he’s not. But that’s no guarantee his fate will be any better for it.


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