Points of Light

Into the Vale

Day 3
Approach to the keep set with kobold ambush. The party negotiates a delicate truce with the kobolds who let them pass as long as they promise not to harm any more kobolds on the road. Decent into the keep reveals a warren of goblins. Cleared to a jail being used as a torture chamber by a hobgoblin warrior. A goblin, Splug, is freed from on of the cells and taken as a companion by the dark elf. Camp is made in the torture chamber. During the night the goblin boss, Balgrom The Fat, is heard banging on the door, yelling for the Hobgoblin to bring him his dinner. Eventually the banging stops. At a specific time in the night the swarm of rats can be heard scurrying along the passages devouring corpses and other refuse left behind.

Day 2
New members are recruited, and a return to the old King’s Road yields another kobold brigand attack. This time the kobolds are defeated handily. Winterhaven is reached. Rested at Wrafton’s Inn and spoke with an old farmer, a sage named Valthrun who directs the group to the ruins of an old keep near the village, and the local priest who offers to aid the party with curative rituals she has learned.

Day 1
Attacked by kobold brigands on the road to Winterhaven. Kobolds are defeated but all party members are slain save for Kriv, the fighter. Kriv returns to mercenary camp in order to recruit new members.


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