Points of Light

Eternal Rest & Bolgrom The Absent

Day 5
The party awakens and attempts to ascend to and explore further on the upper level only to discover that kobolds have erected fortifications, sealing off the crypts. Rather than break through the kobold defenses the party decides to explore further down into the dungeon.

The secret passage at the back of the embalming room leads down and into the back of a dark antechamber. The character discover a chest containing some clothing a personal effects of Keegan’s children, including an enchanted holy symbol of the Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon. The antechamber turns out to be located just off the crypt of the children themselves, who have been reanimated into disgusting, filth hurling zombies.

After the party dispatches these abominations, they are suddenly attacked by a gelatinous cube, that was drawn to the sounds of the conflict with Sir Keegan’s undead progeny. The party is nearly devoured and digested by this ponderous creature. The quick reflexes of the elf are able to keep her out of the cube’s gullet and allow her to pepper it with arrows, while the fighter’s stalwart attacks from within the ooze itself while consumed, and the cleric’s healing prayers are able to keep them all alive just long enough to triumph. Side benefit: those devoured by the cube and all their possessions are quite clean and sterile due to the digestive acids within the ooze.

Moving forward from the children’s crypt the party discovers the door to this area has been barricaded long ago by goblins and marked with a sign marking, “Danger! Closed! Beware – Ooze we call Steve!”

Beyond this door are hobgoblins patrolling the dungeon level. The party sets an ambush and lures one into it. They dispatch him easily enough but are then forced to retreat after encountering a hobgoblin patrol at full strength. They fall back to the closed section where the hobgoblins do not pursue, probably for fear of the gelatinous cube, named Steve.

Here they rest once again. Those on watch hear voices beyond the warning point, but nothing enters the area of the cube.

Day 4 (cont.)
Sir Keegan is indeed the resident entombed behind the dragon door, and he is very much undead, and very much still attempting to fulfill his duty at the keep. The party manages to convince him they are not tomb raiders nor are they cultists. Not that these aren’t mostly true, but after some pointed questions from Sir Keegan was at one point leaning toward killing everyone.

The party learns that Last Hope, the small sword discovered in the embalming room – now carried by the dark elf, was gift Sir Keegan gave to his wife just once month before killing her.

They also learn that it was an evil presence seeping though a rift to the shadowfell beneath the keep that turned Sir Keegan into a fiend and encouraged him to slaughter the keep’s other residents, including his own family.

They are told that a cult dedicated to Orcus, Prince of Undeath, has taken up residence and is even now attempting to open the rift and allow the evil presence into the world of the living.

Kriv swears to fulfill the knight’s oath and purge the keep of evil.

Sir Keegan bequeaths his ancestral blade, Aecris, to Kriv in hope it may aid him in his task.

The party returns to the upper level intending to rid the keep of Balgrom the Fat only to discover he and the rest of the goblins seem to have departed their warrens. A lone goblin left behind to guard the supplies that could not be taken and a crumpled up note to someone named Kalarel are all that remained.

The party discovered an excavation chamber deeper in the goblin warrens where several goblins worked furiously in search of treasures. They are slain and their meager gains taken.

It was at this point the party decided to return to the (relative) safety of the embalming room and get some rest. All characters on watch during this time hear loud noises from the upper levels. Nothing disturbs their rest down in the crypts however.


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