Points of Light

Chamber of Statues, Blood Rituals

Day 6
After resting, the party discovers the hobgoblins have placed sentries at the entrance to the Steve’s area. They dispatch these sentries and two more quickly and quietly, even avoiding a wicked net trap that could have spelled doom.

Rather than attack the hobgoblin area, the party decides to turn south and explore another dragon door. This time they discover a large gallery filled with death-trap statues. Once again fate conspires to test the priest and his gravely wounded. The dark elf and dragonborn stage a heroic rescue from the maw of these statues and revive him just in time to save him from death’s cold embrace.

After solving the traps in the chamber of statues, another crypt filled with zombies. This time the zombies are accompanied by a nasty ghoul that has been feeding on the flesh of the cult’s sacrifices and the occasional unwary hobgoblin. While battling the living dead, Kevin spots a small clay gargoyle hovering at the edge of the light watching the fight with curiosity. When it becomes clear the undead are not going to prevail, the devilish creatures flees further into the crypts.

Along with their personal belongings, the party scores a couple of magical items and potions among the remains of the ghoul’s victims.

Beyond the ritual chamber of a cult to Orcus is discovered, where a priest of the cult is chanting and several undead minions attend him. Rivers of blood are flowing from an altar in the back of the room, where the priest incants his prayers, into a large hole in the middle of the chamber.

Seeing their oaths so close to being fulfilled, the party charges into combat with these fiends. The magic wielded by the cultists of Orcus is strong and instills his minions with unwavering zeal, but it is not enough to turn back the skill and prowess of the rogue and fighter when combined with the glorious magic wielded by cleric of the Raven Queen.

After dispatching these foes, and cleansing the ritual chamber of Orcus’s foul presence, Kevin channels the power of his deity to help purge Orcus and his power from this place, and succeeds, but becomes aware their real enemy as well as the rift to the Shadowfell are both down at the bottom of the hole…


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