You have left your old life behind and come to a place both dangerous and wild. Here you find what remains of the borderlands of an ancient empire. Even in ages past it is said this place was difficult to hold and impossible to tame. Some say that in those days warriors seeking to prove themselves to their king would travel here and spend years fighting in companies sworn to defend its peoples. If they survived, title and lands would be awarded. That was long ago.

Tomb of horrors adventure cover

Now the area is all but abandoned. Towns have become ruins, villages empty or overrun by tribes of savage creatures. The roads and river ways are the best ways to travel, but even on these travelers have been known to be attacked by brigands or disappear all together. Only a few points of light remain, surviving against the odds, in the deepening darkness of this place.

In this danger is an opportunity that comes once in a generation. Fame, glory, and riches are all there, waiting for the bold to seize them. If you survive, bards will sings of your adventures and you will be remembered as one of the few brave souls that dared to walk in the darkness. If you survive, history will record that you were one who carried the light of this new age into the cold and unforgiving domains of the north and influenced the shape of things to come.

Most will not survive. This is the Nentir Vale.

Points of Light

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